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May 8, 2009

Learn from the experience of others…..


At the end of this blog is a letter sent to me from Joe West in the Hamilton area.  It is obvious that they are paying the price of poor construction and, as they note, have the inspector inspect the home during critical periods of construction.  Hey, it’s your 250K plus that is paying for this.  For that kind of money, you would think the builder would let you observe the quality.  I mean, what would a reputable builder have to lose.  In my case, Mattamy Homes would have been denied the right to close the sale due to illegal(code) wiring so, it is in your best interest to hire an inspector.  At least that is what the Director for Building in the Town of Oakville stated. Unfortunately his inspector did pass the illegal (code) furnace.

There is a difference of opinion on the level of inspector.  Some feel a home inspector is alright while others feel it should be a P.Eng.  As we increase regulations and training on house inspectors, their level of expertice will increase and therefore be more qualified to give an opinion.  Check their qualifications, references and associations and then make the decision.  Spending $1000 on a $300K home is peanuts but the cost of a home not properly built – my chequebook quivers at the thought.

For background on the following letter go to this Toronto Star  link or this Marketplace link.  I thank the Wests for sharing this with us and hopefully the advice will ensure some others don’t suffer the same fate.

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Have been reviewing several comments on your site. I would like to add our experiences and advice when purchasing a new home in Ontario. I have considered responding earlier, but would like to review messages. It seems that there is a general concern that we all share, LETS NOT GET RIPPED OFF.

I have been in construction for over 20 years, we purchased a new home and did have several home inspectors,( due to the fact that I was the home owner and a Home Inspector, that I was restricted not to inspect our house because sooo many problems existed ) but unfortunately, well review CBC Marketplace/ New Home Nightmare with Mike Holmes, almost 4 years later and almost $ 80,000.00 dollars later, we fight on.

My recommendation to all current and potential new home buyers, do not hire home inspectors, but hire experinced, qualified construction contractors, including P Eng. Make this a condition that your consultant will monitor the house being built during construction and prior to construction, and prior to signing your contract if purchasing new. In fact several builders that I was referred to would not make this a condition of contract, it is what it is, move on, they lose the sale. (RED FLAG)

Believe me, the investment will save you the aggrevation, sanity,stress,and the well being of your family.

In fact check out Mike Holmes web site, there is a section in regards to home inspectors.

Best Regards All!

The West Family
55 Lanza Court
Hamilton, Ont.

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