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April 29, 2009

CBC – Mike Holmes, support House Inspectors


Well, I lost out on this one. I don’t watch a lot of CBC and it seems I missed a very informative show back on January 9th. CBC Marketplace ( I did watch this show once when a friend was featured – good article) did an expose on new house construction, where they found some < 5 year old homes in just as bad shape as ones older and needing a reno. 

If you want to see the entire show with Mike Holmes go to this link.  But be prepared, it isn’t pretty and I can tell you from personal experience with Mattamy – it has substance.  Like Mike says:  Same shit, different pile.

Of course, any reader of this blog wouldn’t be surprised but nice to know that even Mike Holmes of reno fame isn’t surprised either.

They offered the following advice:

• Get references from your builder — and don’t just call the homeowners the builder might recommend, knock on their door and talk to them

• Before buying, make sure your lawyer checks for any liens against the house

• Check that all proper building permits are issued

• Ensure that all safety inspections are done and in the right order

• Get an independent inspector to check your home BEFORE you take possession

And why should you follow this advice you say?  I mean, Mattamy has won awards so they must be alright – must be all those other builders that haven’t won the awards that need the special attention of a house inspector – NOT

Here is one comment from a Mattamy Home buyer – after you read this maybe you’ll understand that not all homes are built equal and advertising/award hype doesn’t always cut it.  Look at all the Olympic athletes that have to return medals…….


I watched your recently televised show on “new home nightmares” with great interest. Although our home is not the same nightmare as the ones you investigated with Mike Holmes, we can relate to these families frustrations. We bought our new home from Canada’s largest builder, Mattamy homes. At first, we believed all of their marketing hype claimng they were the best but we ended up being very disappointed. During construction, I found all of the errors on my own that included building code violation, breach of contract and structural upgrades we chose not being completed. On three separate ocasions I discovered the wrong R-value insulation being installed and I had to have several two hour meetings with building staff to resolve these issues. On closing day we ended up with unbelievably poor workmanship in our home that had over 300 deficiencies. So far there have been 8 roofs on our street that have been totally re-shingled due to the lack of ice-shield which is required by the Ontario Building Code. The bottom line is that builders, trades and inspectors rely on most buyers ignorance to facilitate cutting corners to save money and time. I did not have much faith in tract builders until I fell hook line and sinker for all of Mattamy’s promises and positive marketing. Never again will I buy another home from any tract builder – especially not during a housing boom when you can guarantee that everyone is rushed and workmanship suffers. We’ve had some success in having deficiencies corrected but it is a full time job.

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