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April 27, 2009

Mattamy – have you received your threats today???

For those of you who are part of the Mattamy flowers and welcome basket cult, you need not read further as you won’t believe what I am about to say.

For those who have had less than stellar experiences with Mattamy, a knowing nod will be enough.

I received, in part, the following comment.

“Sorry for the pseudonym, but I’ve heard stories about Mattamy coming after people who tried to bring their errors to light. I just wanted to thank you for writing this blog that exposes Mattamy and their horrible homes and for the article about the drywall. I had not heard of this problem, but after reading the article it seems to fit the bill for what’s been going on here. We have dust on the furniture constantly which might be a result of this drywall problem. Our family has noticed since we moved in this house that we all seem to have respiratory problems such as frequent sneezing and waking up in the morning with stuffy noses and clogged throats………………”

Now, the health problems are one issue but, what I am not surprised about is the comment concerning “Mattamy coming after people who tried to bring their errors to light”.  Having been victimized with Mattamy bully boys while putting pamphlets on cars, the screaming lawyer and, receiving the threatening (law suit) letters, I can empathize with this person.

If you go to the Mattamy Fairwinds Phase 5 blog you’ll see what I mean. Yes, ain’t there anymore!!!! Most people just stop writing a blog and move on, leaving their legacy on the web. This blogger folded up his tent and left the web. If you go to this link or this,  you’ll see what it was all about but, one wonders why the blog was closed. Threats, promises, or, god only knows what.

I’ve received information from other bloggers and they too have faced the wrath of Mattamy. Strangely, Mattamy has left me to my own devices – admission of guilt???

Well, Mattamy does have a record of being intimidating to those complaining, so be stout of heart and make sure your lawyer is on your side. The evaluation of a house inspector will strengthen your claims, no matter who the builder is. Remember, a good house inspector really doesn’t care what a builder thinks about him (except he would like to keep it a professional relationship) , it is the owner of the house that matters and here ethics counts.

In regards to the drywall problem, one builder (Lennar Homes) is taking responsibility and doing the right thing.  I quote: ”

“Our first concern is our homeowners,” Lennar Division President Darin McMurray said in a prepared statement. “Lennar will continue to stand by our homes and work closely with homeowners to resolve their concerns.”

On the other hand, Mattamy just gets the town inspector to pass whatever needs passing, like my case in Oakville where the inspector passed the illegal (code) wiring and thus enabled the sale and putting my children at risk. Town inspectors and Tarion aren’t necessarily on your side. Build your own team and ensure yourself many years in a house built properly.

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