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April 17, 2009

You gets what you pays for………

I was surfing the net the other night and came across the following. In all fairness to Mattamy, they may have changed some of their standards since this was originally printed – but I doubt it as a leopard doesn’t change its spots.  The following advice might stop you from buying the “Handyman Special” from even a new home builder.

I bought a new home (not mattamy) in 2003. About 6 months later, mattamy opened up a site nearby. When I went to check out their plans, I did a little comparison shoping and found that mattamy was about $10k to $15k cheaper than the similar models that my builder was offering. However, I looked deeper and found that Mattamy offers only bare bones, as per their feature sheet and the minimal code requirements (that is how they keep their cost down). In the end, I contacted Mattamy’s decor centre to price out the diffence in the feature sheet. In the end I was happy that I didn’t buy a Mattamy home. It worked out that I would have paid approx $20k more with a Mattamy home just to bring it up to what my builder was offering as a standard feature.

The moral of the story is to not just look at the price and the pretty pictures but to actually read the feature sheet thoroughly and compare it to other builders. You will most definitely see a big difference in the cheaper materials used by Mattamy!!!!!!!

Here is a few major things I noticed that Mattamy used as a standard VS. what my builder used:

2×4 studs VS. 2X6 studs
Viynl sliding windows VS. Viynl Casement windows
2×10 floor joist VS Engineered flooring systems
3/4″ OSB board sub floor VS 3/4″ tongue and Groove plywood sub floor

These were a few things that I could remember as there were more!!!”


Now, hopefully from all that you will realize that comparative shopping is a must.  I mean, you do it all the time when you’re going for the small items, so why not the large ones as well.  You might fall in love with the exterior and the floorplan but, in the long run, you want a house that is substantially built that will last a lifetime (speculators disregard as you only deal in location, looks and things that make the price go up quick – not long term quality).

You want a house that is insulated properly as standard, not an upgrade and you want floors that won’t squeak everytime you try to sneak home and get into bed before the wife/husband notices.  Might seem like a small thing but I can tell you, it will bug you everytime you walk over it.  Nail pops add to the decor I guess for some but the spotty patch job is a little too out there for my artistic tastes. Cheap vinyl that cracks or good vinyl that lasts…. yes, all questions you should be asking and comparing.

It is kind of like buying a Lada over a VW.  You want cheap, you get cheap and all the problems that come with it.  Ladas are gone but the VW is a classic.  Maybe scale back a bit on the overall size of home and upgrades and buy a house that is built right the first time. 

I’d rather grow old in my house gradually than have the house make me old quickly.

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  1. These are definitely important points to consider with regard to dwellings. Some families like to renovate/decorate their own houses to add their personal touch but the quality of the finish will rarely match a modern house constructed to high standards. I’m a big fan of Engineered Wooden Flooring though and use it throughout my new house. It’s great to have a product that’s both cheaper and better for the environment and it’s better in many other respects than hardwood flooring.

    Comment by Hayley Rare — March 2, 2012 @ 9:30 am | Reply

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