Oakville Homes

March 31, 2009

If the developer was to fund the local fire station

The honourable profession of firefighting has its roots with the Knights of St. John, who fought the Saracens for possession of the holy land and experienced fire in the battle.  The Maltese Cross, a universal symbol for firefighters came from this time in history.


Why would I bring this little bit of history into the Story of Mattamy Homes”.  Well, over the years the profession of firefighting has undergone many changes – going from small citizen’s groups to volunteers who were paid by the fire and finally, in some areas, paid firemen.  Of course, the level of training and equipment depends much on the support of the community – both through taxes and fundraising.


Based on how Mattamy Homes has dealt with customer complaints; have unprofessionally constructed some homes; and, how they did illegal (code) wiring on my house that put my children at risk, I can only speculate on what a fully Mattamy funded fire station would encompass.


The attached photo represents my opinion of a top of the line piece of equipment Mattamy would probably purchase in line with their philosophy on treating some of their customers.  Keep those Mattamy flowers; you might need the water to put out any fires caused by illegal (code) wiring.


Your Local Mattamy Fire Station????

Your Local Mattamy Fire Station????


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