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March 27, 2009

Are you house buying this weekend???

Well, the weekend is coming up and with good weather and spring air, one gets the itch to go house hunting.  Hopefullyover the winter, you’ve looked into the various blogs, forums and other areas of the net where you can get advice/information/points of view on what to look for and what to beware of before signing on the dotted line.

With today’s buyer’s market, there are potential bargains galore there for the astute shopper but one should consider – if the homes are $40k less, what is missing from those they sold at the higher price.  Let’s face it, the market is down but the builders aren’t going to take a $40k drop in their profits.  So, while you are looking at the model home or the pamphlets, consider what has been removed to make the house $40k cheaper.

A visit to Building Homes shows a plethora of concerns about not only Mattamy but other builders as well.  I noticed that one forum member discussed the information brochure they were given.  What they got wasn’t the same as was mentioned in the brochure.  Seems that the brochures weren’t edited properly and contained some errors.  Errors the consumer will have to absorb.

A visit to my March 24th posting will give you some advice to follow in terms of the agreement you will sign.  Make sure a lawyer checks your agreement before the final signing and if possible, inquire as to having a house inspector allowed access.  If they don’t, wonder why.

And make sure you look at the area you are buying a house in.  Mattamy Homes took over a housing development in Charlotte N.C.  A highway, I485 goes along the west side of this development.  (See Video – ad at start) As the development on the other side was built before the highway, they got a noise barrier.  The development (which was originally built by another builder) on the other side was built after I485 was announced and therefore the developer is responsible for the barrier.  Obviously there will be a battle between Mattamy and the original developer over who absorbs the cost for a barrier – if one is even built.  But it pays to look into what is being built in the area and, have it in writing on your sales agreement, what the builder will be doing in regards to it. 

If you have concerns, get an answer IN WRITING & ON THE AGREEMENT, otherwise your wasting your time and can expect a big surprise.  Let’s face it, a builder is out to make money, YOUR MONEY, and have been known to say anything to capture the sale.  Just remember what happened to the people who bought in Ottawa.  Mattamy didn’t have permission to build, yet sold houses.

So, if you want that dream house, make sure you have a good working relationship with a REAL ESTATE lawyer and a house inspector.  Hopefully, with that team in your back pocket, the dream house doesn’t become the ‘HOUSE OF HORRORS”.

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