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March 20, 2009

Mattamy – will the windowsill support the pie?

I saw a Mattamy Homes ad recently in the Toronto Star where they ask the question: “What does the word ‘home’ mean to you?”.  They answer with, “The pie on the windowsill” and talk about swings, snowmen and baseball sized holes in the basement window.  They close with a “home means security and family and laughter”.


We see the power of advertising and awards but, it seems that JD Powers has no problem giving awards to a builder that sells homes with illegal (code) wiring; sells homes in Ottawa where they didn’t have permits to do so; and, has recently pled guilty to doing illegal landfill in an ecologically sensitive floodplain (nothing about this in the Toronto Star).  A company that promotes “green” homes is the same company that starts construction on land fertilized with human waste (against provincial policy) and is guilty of ecological insensitivity.


Now, we know that they can’t be the only builder that does so but, do you really read a lot about other builders?  Not really but, I am sure they have their faults.  Maybe it is because the other builders put more effort into ensuring the consumer is dealt with properly, not with bully boys and legal threats or, illegal breaches of code that are forgiven by inspectors who work for a town that accepts large donations from Mattamy Homes.


Mattamy has shown itself to run roughshod over consumers in Florida, Bracebridge, Ottawa and Oakville and still get away with it.  Fortunately the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority had the willpower to make them accountable for their lack of environmental concern and the fact that their actions could have impacted negatively on a lot of people in the future.  Something the Town of Oakville didn’t do but the council and mayor still accept donations.


I don’t know about you but, my family did not experience security and laughter when we closed with our Mattamy Home, contrary to the advertisement.  The help of a house inspector might have prevented what happened or, at least, assisted us in getting properly served by someone paid by us to build a proper house, one I’d be proud of putting an apple pie on the windowsill.


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