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March 16, 2009

Mattamy Homes – putting it to the retirees!!

Eileen of Brampton made an interesting comment on my last post (at end of this post) regarding the quality of a Mattamy home.  She and her husband bought a Mattamy home based on the fact they felt it was well built.

They bought the house about 6 years ago and within three years, the 5 casement windows and large patio door are already showing condensation within them.  Now, I don’t know about you but, windows only lasting 6 years and showing condensation damage.  Little odd here.

Mattamy of course is off the hook because they aren’t the original owners ( I guess Mattamy only helps out those who buy a new house from them) but what I find interesting is that the manufacturer will not warranty as  they “don’t give any guarantee on this grade of window”.  So, we are paying premium money for a Mattamy home and they are putting in cheap windows that can’t last 6 years – not one, not two but five and a patio door.  I’d tell you more but Mattamy has a gag order on me.

So folks, here we have a builder saving money by putting in windows that even the manufacturer won’t guarantee.  God only knows what they will be putting in houses with the economy the way it is now.  Maybe window frames wrapped in plastic sheeting???  I can only say that if your”re buying a house, from Mattamy or any builder, consider hiring a house inspector to look after your interests.  I’m with Eileen’s husband – I’ve never heard of well manufactured and properly installed windows failing in 6 years.  Have you???



We bought a Mattamy house in Fletchers Meadow, Brampton, three years ago. We thought at the time that the house was well built, but recently we noticed that five large casement windows and the patio door had condensation in them. Mattamy said that they only guaranteed the windows for the orginal owner. This house is only six years old and we will have to pay for new windows and installation. The manufacturer said they don’t give any guarantee
on this grade of window. My husband was in the building trade (carpenter) for fifty years (before he retired) and he said he has never known windows to fail at this age. We now have to spend money we can’t afford on something that Mattamy should cover. We would never buy another Mattamy home and we would warn other potential buyers to be beware.

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