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February 25, 2009

Developers 1 – Homeowners 0 But you get to pay for an energy audit.

What more proof do you need that developers have more power and the ear of government than do homeowners/taxpayers than the recent announcement by Premier McGuinty that they will institute a compulsory energy audit on all re-sales? The government wants to force either the buyer or seller to fork out $300 to determine if the house needs an upgrade concerning energy consumption. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against the conservation of energy but, I just find it odd that the government will force this but not pass legislation that would allow a potential homeowner to hire a house inspector and have it in the contract that said house inspector could monitor the construction. And I’m talking “OPTION” here.

“When it comes to buying the single most expensive thing that you’re likely to buy during the course of your lifetime – a home – you’re entitled to know what kind of costs you’re going to incur on energy,” he (McGuinty) told reporters yesterday. (Toronto Star)

Your right Mr. McGuinty but, it is your government that refuses to pass legislation that would allow a potential homeowner to hire a house inspector and have them monitor the construction of their new home. I have shown you can’t trust builders (in this case, Mattamy Homes) and, that the municipal government (in this case, the Town of Oakville) does not necessarily ensure that code is followed. Both conspired to have a furnace illegally (code) wired in order to ensure the sale. A house inspector in this case would have protected the homebuyer in regards to the “most expensive thing” he will buy. But you state that this will cost the homeowner money, even though I suggested the homeowner have the OPTION to hire a house inspector. Here, you don’t want to give the homeowner the OPTION but want to FORCE this cost on them.

Now tell me Mr. McGuinty, where is your logic in this matter? Oh yes, developers give large sums of money to the political machine whereas the poor homeowner, forced to pay for repairs on new houses built by these developers, doesn’t have the spare cash to give you.

Your cohort, Energy Minister George Smitherman stated that, “They taught me in some Grade 10 course – which was almost at the end of my stream of education – the notion of caveat emptor, buyer beware. It seems to me a pretty good piece of information to know how much electricity is the home going to use.” {Toronto Star)[I find the comment “which was almost at the end of my stream of education” interesting. Most of us in his age group went to Grade 13, quite a bit beyond the end of our stream at Grade 10]

Yes, you’re right George, it would be but it would also be good to know if your dream palace was built right and that someone the HOMEOWNER paid to look after their interests made sure that it was. A house inspector looks after the homeowner while the builder and municipal inspector don’t necessarily look after the homeowner. You want proof? You have it on file with my complaint that was dismissed as your government stated it would cost the homeowner money. Yes, it would cost the homeowner OPTIONAL MONEY, not FORCED MONEY like your legislation –  something foreign to the political mindset I guess.

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