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January 8, 2009

Mill Pond Post – an interesting forum

I recently heard about a new forum called “MillPondPost” which focuses on those buying Mattamy Homes in the Cambridge area.  If you are a reader of this blog, you already know how I feel about Mattamy Homes.  But, what I do enjoy is the multitude of forums out there that allow people to express their viewpoints, share information and make friends.  For those moving into the Mill Pond development, this forum allows them to meet on the internet and form friendships that hopefully develop once the community is built.  It also allows us to share information that can affect the safety and well-being of our families.


One person asked if they should hire a house inspector.  You all know my feelings on this matter and I even go further and state you should hire one to monitor the actual construction of the home.  But, I was pleased that in this forum people answered the person and gave some very good justifications for hiring a house inspector, even to the point of discussing certain house inspectors and costs.


I doubt if I and many others will change the Mattamy Homes attitude (since my incident, there are others, including Ottawa, Bracebridge and the original occupants of the Cambridge area who have seen a wetmarsh destroyed.) but, forums like this will give people an opportunity to compare experiences, ask for advice and hopefully make decisions which will ensure they get to enjoy their home.


Whenever I hear that someone hired a house inspector and they not only found things that the homeowner missed but give advice on how to proceed with the builder, I feel that at least some have listened to the advice they have read here and other blogs.  My family was put at risk by an uncaring Mattamy Homes and, the Town of Oakville (who were seeking donations) and, I won’t be the last to have my life disturbed by a lack of concern. 


Good luck to those starting the journey and remember, a little insurance goes a long way and you’ll find a house inspector to be cheap insurance in the long run.



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