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January 3, 2009

House inspectors – 88% of new homes need them

In the January 4th, 2009 Toronto Star there is an article entitled, “If these walls could talk”. (H1) Libby McCready’s quote, “I’d never move into a brand-new house again without having a home inspection done right away”, says it all, especially considering that in over 88 percent of new homes, there are building defects you might not see (J.D. Power and Associates).

If you think I’ve been espousing this home inspection thing out of sour grapes, read this article and you’ll see that there is documented evidence from other sources that strengthens my argument. I didn’t utilize a house inspector and my children were put at risk by Mattamy Homes. Read this article and you’ll see why it is a good investment to hire a house inspector.

And, I’d go one step further and see if the house inspector (probably at an added cost) would monitor the construction of your home. Much easier to see the poor construction while it is being built than when the drywall is up. This allows your lawyer much more latitude when discussing issues with the builder. Yes, I know, you want a positive relationship with your builder (he might even give you flowers) but, let’s face it – business is business and you’re paying big bucks for your dream house and investment and, you can still get along with a reputable builder who has no problems with a house inspector. If he does, question why. I depended on the reputation of Mattamy Homes and the Town of Oakville and my children could have died as a result.

If you can’t be bothered reading my entire blog, at least read this article in the Toronto Star by Tracy Hanes. You can’t go wrong.

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