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December 5, 2008

A house inspector is needed more than ever

There have been two recent articles in the Toronto Star that would make one want to ensure they have a “house inspector” monitoring the construction of their home in our present economic downturn.   One, titled, “Permits,housing resales tumble” relates to the fact that not only are resales not doing well but that new construction permits are down.  A December 4th article titled “Ontario builders seek relief in budget” notes that property developers are asking for infrastructure support in the upcoming budget.  It is obvious that the building industry is feeling the pinch, especially when places like Halton are telling the developers they won’t foot the bill.

Why do I then say hire a house inspector?  The building industry is already laying off personnel.  This will not only influence future projects but also those underway at the present time.  In order to make a profit and, not being able to rely on incoming future income, the builders will have to make cuts somewhere.  Those cuts could impact on your home’s quality of construction.  Unless you are in the trades, your ability to determine if your getting what you paid for is very limited. 

Let’s face it.  I have shown in this blog that even during good times, at least one builder (Mattamy), has made shortcuts that have cost the consumer money.  Some of these shortcuts have been proven illegal.  So, in today’s economy, don’t you think a builder will be tempted to shortcut you ,the consumer, in order to finish a house and still make a profit.  Builders don’t build homes at a loss and survive.  They still need the extra money to donate to good causes and politicians as well – your money.

So, in today’s economy, the hiring of a house inspector may seem like a luxury but, when you find out your home was built wrong, do you think the extra investment in a upgrade was worth it?

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