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December 1, 2008

Donations can go a long way – unless you’re the consumer

In the Saturday edition of the Toronto Star, they had a nice article on Mattamy Homes presenting the CEO of Oakville’s YMCA, Bruce Ireland, a cheque for $370,000 that was raised through the 11th annual Mayor’s Invitational Softball Tournament. Also present was Mayor Rob Burton. They go on in this article and tell of Mattamy’s generous donations amounting to $900,000.

Burton and Gilgan - donations work (courtesy Toronto Star)

Burton and Gilgan - donations work (courtesy Toronto Star)

Now, first of all, I have to give Mattamy Homes kudos for donating or, organizing the events that donate this money to such worthwhile organizations. I know, it is hard to believe that a company that puts children at risk through illegal (code) wiring is so generous but, I have to acknowledge the true benefit this money will be to the community.

But, what I do question is: does this give Mattamy Homes the right to break laws, run roughshod over consumers, sell homes on land not granted a construction permit, build homes with shoddy construction and flooding problems, forgo regulations on bio-solids and, ruin the environment in Cambridge to name a few of the evils put to the community?

For some who received the flowers, I guess the answer is yes. According to Mayor Rob Burton, I am to forget the incident where my children were put at risk and move on, while Rob gets his picture in the paper with Peter Gilgan.

I only wish I had $900,000 of other people’s money to donate to the cause and I might have had my problem dealt with, instead of buried in bureaucratic sludge.

So, for those buying a home remember that you should hire a house inspector to monitor your home as the local municipality may not do anything towards the cash cow that donates the money and gives media ops to the local politicians. In my case, illegal (code) wiring lost out to donated money I guess.

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