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November 21, 2008

Halton grows balls – Mattamy whines


In a region notorious for giving in to developers, Halton has recently shown some backbone.  I only wonder if the Town of Oakville, another friend of the developers, will help out their regional government and go along with the program.


In the Toronto Star with a similar article in the Milton Canadian Champion:


“What we are saying is that we are serious about things and we are not going to do the same thing we have done in the past,” chair Gary Carr said yesterday of the looming showdown. “This is a new council with a new attitude that is going to change the way we operate and the province needs to understand that.”


What I like to see.  A council with balls!!!


Of course, Mattamy Homes gets into the fray with the usual threatening posture.


Gary Gregoris, vice-president of Mattamy Homes, the GTA’s biggest builder, was present at yesterday’s meeting and said he believes regional councillors are serious.

He warned, however, that development charge increases would just be passed on to consumers when builders factor them into the price of a new home. If housing prices continue to tumble “and the costs don’t go down, then something has got to give.”

Maybe the market isn’t there and so Mattamy should hold off making the homes. 

For those of us who bought homes prior to 1997, we paid the entire freight in development costs, or at least a greater proportion of the costs.  But, housing prices have skyrocketed (for those selling, yes that is a good thing) and the developers probably had a hard time selling with their profit margin left intact.  So, the Harris government of the day reduced the amount developers had to pay for infrastructure and the taxpayer got the bill. 

Yes, all of those who paid their way prior to 1997 are now paying higher taxes to help out those buying now.  Now, that might be a good thing to do for the soul, but it does hit the pocketbook – especially the pocketbook of those retired veterans who fought for this country and are going to lose their homes due to rising taxes to pay for newcomers to the area.

Your right Gregoris – “something has got to give”.  About time the developer paid their way instead of sticking it to the consumer and taxpayer. 

And, if the developer decides to cut costs to do it, I’d make sure you hire a house inspector.  You’ll need that more than ever.

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