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November 1, 2008

Mattamy Homes and biosolids – tale of two issues.

The Toronto Star published an article on October 31st regarding the spreading of biosolids on farm land. (A13).  It appears there is some disagreement on whether or not it is safe to spread human waste, along with what also goes down the sewers (drugs, chemicals, illegal waste),  onto our farmland.  According to the article, “120,000 tonnes of the nutrient-rich black goo are spread on 15,000 hectares of the province’s farmland”.  But, it also states there is no monitoring in place to look into health complaints and that it has not been proven safe.


Several major food companies are not taking any chances. Del Monte, Campbell Soup and Gerber won’t use food that has been fertilized with biosolids. Not enough is known about biosolids, they say.” (Healthzone.ca)


Now, how does this tie into Mattamy Homes you ask?  Well, where do you think all the new homes are being built?  Yes, on non-renewable farmland.  In the article, neighbours to the land being fertilized are complaining about family and pet illness.  I personally know a family who were affected by local bio-solids being allowed into the environment.  Lets face it – this stuff just doesn’t sit on the surface but will eventually find its way into the water table system and, therefore into local wells.  Some communities are on wells.


Anyways, it is obvious that people have some concern about the safety of this product, to the point where certain standards are made regarding biosolids being put on farmland.  One standard is that the land must be allowed to lie fallow for a period of time after the spraying of this biosolid before it is used.


Mattamy Homes began construction on land that had been sprayed with biosolids in the Milton area.  The movement of soil put local families at risk, along with the construction workers.  Local winds would catch the dust from the construction and spread the biosolids to other areas, thus putting families at risk.  Fortunately, an alert citizen noticed the construction frenzy by Mattamy and notified the appropriate authorities, who put a stop to this dangerous practice.  Just think, the new homeowners in the Milton area would have their kids playing in their backyards right after construction – would the land have been safe for their fun.  We can thank that citizen for protecting your kids.  Maybe that is why the recent Mattamy ad has the kids playing inside.


Mattamy seems to enjoy starting without proper authority in the construction of its homes.  In Ottawa, they sold homes without a final permit on the land and, were caught doing illegal landfill (illegal at the time but will they get a pre-dated permit from local authorities?)


When a company does these kinds of illegal acts, one wonders what else they are capable of in the construction of homes.  They have been caught doing illegal (code) wiring and nothing happened as a result of this.  Visits to other blogs show they are capable of other transgressions, all without worrying about the consequences.


So, I suggest you have written into your purchase agreement the hiring of a house inspector to protect your interests as Mattamy shows a past history of not worrying about yours.  For those of you in love with your Mattamy Homes, please consider that not all marriages work out and that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  But then, what cures side-effects from biosolids?  Our kids might know or, will have to know if they are to survive.


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