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October 11, 2008

Mattamy Homes – how do they shape up with other builders?

I did my own JD Powers style survey today but, before you look at the results, I must admit they are not as scientific as what JD Powers would have done (or expected that they did) but, I found the results interesting.

I did a google search on “company name PROBLEMS”.   I.E. Mattamy problems.  If I got no response from google (I did for Mattamy), I would then add the word “builder”, especially if I got things totally unconnected to the builder in my first search.  These results are only on a 1 page search and the numbers do not reflect multiple problems discussed in a forum, just the one hit on the forum.

Based on this, I got the following results:

  1. Mattamy            4
  2. Ballantry            1
  3. Minto                 1
  4. Brookfield          1
  5. Arista                 1
  6. Great Gulf          0
  7. Daniels Group    0

It is interesting that the company that got the highest award from JD Powers for customer satisfaction had the largest number of problem entries on Google when I searched builders.  For the record, I did not include any complaint that I might have posted.

As you can see more than Mattamy Homes do have problems and therefore I would still consider hiring a house inspector to monitor construction.  Just that with some builders with more problems, you might get more value from hiring the house inspector.


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