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October 7, 2008

Mattamy Homes – why do I do this blog?

I recently made a comment on a blog and there were a couple of good replies.  From their comments it was obvious that they have had only positive relations with Mattamy Homes, which I respect.  I do believe though, that some feel that my blog is just a vindictive attack on a world famous builder who has only positive things normally written about them.  I would be the first to admit that they do have some good homes and that their assembly line in Milton has some positive features.


My problem with Mattamy Homes is the arrogance they put forward in that, they appear to be able to do anything they want and get away with it.  Yes, your home might be perfect but, was it built on land fertilized with human waste, as those in Milton were (or should I say would have been except for a concerned citizen’s vigilance), or built on an area that was the subject of illegal dumping and potential flooding, as those in Ottawa are experiencing.


In my case, Mattamy Homes wired the furnace illegally and put my family at risk.  There were other problems as well, but due to the gag order, I am unable to bring them forward.  What compounds this arrogant move is the fact that the Town of Oakville gave them the permit (not unlike Mattamy Homes asking for a pre-dated permit for the illegal dumping in Ottawa) saying the furnace was alright, allowing the somewhat unethical sale of the property.  Now, during the investigation the Mayor of Oakville, Ann Mulvale had a strong presence and she is the one who actively pursued Mattamy Homes for a very worthwhile project.  Considering the large donations the Town of Oakville has received, does one really expect an investigation to be impartial?


Due to the problems I had with Mattamy Homes and the problems a lot of people have had with Mattamy and other builders, I have tried to have legislated the right for the potential homeowner to hire a house inspector to monitor the construction of the most expensive thing you are likely to purchase in your life.  Now, why would anyone not agree to that unless you are guilty of building homes that just aren’t up to the quality one would expect from a $ ¼ million house?


So, for those that think I am a disgruntled homeowner who has decided to spend his time Mattamy Home bashing, please reconsider.  I use Mattamy Homes due to personal experience.  They are the only builder who threatened to sue my family and I, who sent bully boys to stop me from placing flyers on vehicles, who lied to me about the legality of the illegally (code) wired furnace and, who basically told me to buzz off as there was nothing I could do.  The builder of my first house was actually quite good (Townwood Homes) and they dealt with problems in a professional manner and treated me with respect and as an equal.  Mattamy Homes used bully boys to deal with me.


And, for those that think it is only the whiners, complainers, rude and obnoxious people who get bad service from Mattamy Homes. I’m sorry but that is not the case.  I made the mistake of not watching the construction closely (I felt going to work was important) and being talked out of hiring a house inspector – a decision I have regretted since.


I will feel that I have accomplished something if, you the potential homeowner, protect your family and your rights by having the right to have a house inspector monitor the construction of your house.  I mean, why would a 3 year in a row, JD Powers winner discourage this?  Quality construction deserves a quality inspection.


Here is someone else’s viewpoint of Mattamy Homes:  I originally found it at sprawlville.blogspot


I’m not sure where to go with this, but I’m seriously fed up with the BS Mattamy’s been giving us since we moved in. I’m in HVE Phase I (closed end of May) and have had nothing but problems with the speed at which our 100+ list of PDI/30-day issues is being completed.
Our master ensuite bathroom is unusable due to the fact that we don’t have a counter top or sink yet, as well as Mattamy installing the shower head on the wrong wall (I pointed this out to them at the frame walk and they did nothing about it) so that every time you turn on the shower tons of water is sprayed on the floor, not to mention getting drenched in cold water. A guy has come twice to install the sink but couldn’t because of a lack of counter top. Is Mattamy really this disorganized? Furthermore, the entire counter needs to be replaced because whoever tried to install it completely ripped up a bunch of the boards trying to screw it all together.


The bedroom above our garage is at least 5 degrees warmer than the rest of the house, which will end up being 5 degrees colder than the rest of the house in the winter. An obvious insulation issue. How it passed Mattamy’s “rigorous” energy-efficient test to obtain the certificate is a really good question.


Parts of our basement floor are bulging and has burst through at one location allowing one to see that it’s only 1/4″ thick. Minimum code states it needs to be at least 3″ thick.


The engineered beams for the main floor have holes cut out of them larger than what is allowed, as well as some of the squash blocks completely removed to run wiring. This is a serious structural problem.


The above 4 issues are our biggest issues, but there are lots of others, including waiting on Canac for a bunch of things.

We’ve been dealing with this for 4 months and I’ve been calling once a week to get this stuff done and either no one shows up, or they come right before my wife needs to leave for work (hours later than they said they would show up).

What has really got me fired up this morning is the topic of this post/rant. Just this morning, my wife mentioned that about 2 weeks ago someone from Mattamy’s construction office (they look after things on your PDI, whereas Warranty looks after things on your 30-day that are not on your PDI) came by with the PDI list to determine what was taken care of already and what still needed to be completed.

What he actually did was go through the list with my wife and gave excuses for each item and dismissed any reasons for why it should be on there. He lied right to my wife and said that the 1/4″ thick concrete basement floor wasn’t a concern (same with the removed squash blocks/holes in the engineered joists), and that it didn’t need to be fixed. Even after she mentioned that it wasn’t to code he dismissed our concerns and pressured my wife into signing off on the completion of a bunch of the PDI items.

I’m not really sure what to do at this point, but being a squeaky wheel isn’t working. I think I’m going to call Milton/Halton building department to see if I can get someone to come in and verify my structural concerns and force Mattamy to fix them, as well as call Tarion to complain. I have less then a month until I can file a reconciliation with Tarion so I’ll be going that route too.

Suffice it to say, I don’t think I’ll ever buy a Mattamy house again. Yeah, the house layouts are nice and they go over and above on some things like Mattamy University and the whole free shrubs/flowers thing they do, but if you can’t get the basics right, what’s the point? Seems like they are more interested in quantity as opposed to quality.

Sorry about the length of this rant.













  1. I live in a Mattamy home in Jacksonville, Florida (unfortunately they’re now infiltrating the US with their shoddy workmanship) and it is the WORST and MOST EXPENSIVE home I have ever owned. It makes me sick to think of how much this brand new house costs and the all the problems it has. The company helps when you first move in but makes out like you’re the one creating the problems and they have no idea how these things happen. This house is in a new subdivision and Mattamy will throw a house up in a few weeks and put a sign up that it’s for sale. Our home was built two years ago and as soon as we moved in, we began to have troubles. The electrical plates were screwed on the walls crooked and a few of the outlets aren’t even usable because when you try to plug something in, the bulb explodes. The heat doesn’t work, we put it on 85 degrees and the highest it will get when it’s 14 degrees outside is 69 degrees inside. The heater in the garage is not sealed which is probably where the air is leaking out. We’ve had the hot water heater replaced twice. The master suite stays frozen when it’s cold more than any other part of the house and usually it is more warm outside on a cold day than inside leading me to believe that room in particular has no insulation at all. There are also intercoms, and strange buzzing sounds will randomly start coming from them and you can’t stop them no matter what button you push. They’ll also turn on and off by themselves and many times we’ve found that the outside intercom would be on so people outside could hear what’s happening in the house. Also the dimming lights will suddenly come on leading me to believe our lights are somehow hooked up with a neighbors. Our water and electricity bill has had months of enormous expense, once $700, which caused the electric company to come to our house and ask us what we did to make the bill go so high when we had done nothing different. They read the meter and said it was accurate. Our phones also crackle when someone will pick up in another room and we’ve replaced the phones with new ones because the man Mattamy sent assured us that would “fix it.” There is currently a large crack that has appeared in the stucco of our house and as wet as Florida is, will probably rot the frame of the house if unfixed. The faucets leak constantly, and we didn’t have hot water either for a few days when we first moved in. The paint is horrible, some places of the house you can see under the windowsills where it wasn’t painted at all. Our lawn service man rang our doorbell and asked us to come look at our front porch this week because when he walked on it, it flexed up and down like there was nothing underneath it. Our driveway is beginning to crack as have many other driveways in our subdivision that have had to be replaced. What has happened so far to us, and as I’ve read in other complaint stories around the Internet, Mattamy only sends people contracted with their company to fix complaints. We’ve had all their people and they always claim nothing is wrong with the house. When we first moved in we told Mattamy what things needed to be fixed and they either fixed it after constant phonecalls reminding them to come do it, or it was left unfixed completely. If that list of problems isn’t exhaustive enough to convince someone not to buy a Mattamy home, I don’t know what is. Our built in, over the stove microwave light is blinking and it will probably go out soon, and the wood paneling that covers the wiring for the range cooktop randomly fell off and we have not been able to keep it up since. With the heat problem, we’ve seen other houses in the neighborhood having all the vents ripped out and thrown on their lawn because they had to get bigger vents. The heater was working badly when we first moved in, so we checked the air filter and Mattamy put in a filter that was too big for the slot and it was crushed up preventing air from circulating through it, so we had to replace that. Dust collects every couple of days because the air circulation is so poor. A weird thing about the heater is we found that if we aimed a space heater at the wall where the thermostat control was, it would raise the temperature it was heating the house. Today I pulled my car in the garage and as soon as I turned my motor off, I heard a bang on the hood and when I got out and looked, a bolt had fallen from the fixture holding up the garage door. All I ask is that if anyone else in the states or Canada is having similar problems, please speak up and make someone pay attention to the monopoly Mattamy has on building poorly built, high priced homes. It’s sad because one of the high-ups in Mattamy has recently been appointed District Manager of Construction in our area, and with all the positive media hype about how wonderfully built Mattamy homes are, on the Internet, nothing will be done to resolve this problem unless more people speak up.

    Comment by Andrea — February 12, 2009 @ 12:41 am | Reply

  2. My worst experience in Canada was with Mattamy home. If I have to buy a house again I would never buy a house from them and would never recommond that builder.

    Comment by Anna — March 19, 2011 @ 5:14 pm | Reply

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