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July 16, 2008

Mattamy Homes and the Province of Ontario

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So, you think that your elected officials and government agencies are there to look after your welfare.  Think again – these politicians have their own agenda and the average taxpayer hasn’t got a chance against them and their big business supporters.


Mattamy Homes and the Town of Oakville are partners in a number of endeavours and very open about this relationship.  How do you think a complaint against Mattamy Homes will go when the very people you are bringing this complaint to are the recipients of donations by Mattamy Homes?


And, if you persist in bringing a complaint forward to town council, which is your right, be prepared for it to be somehow lost into space.


I had to jump a number of hoops and finally got it before a committee, which was required before town council would look into the matter.  Mayor Ann Mulvale attended one of the meetings and tried to get the matter dismissed.  She was obviously in support of Mattamy Homes, who by the way were one of the donators of a project of hers as I previously noted.


It was finally sent to town council and I had my say.  Council members were strangely quiet and Mayor Mulvale did most of the talking for Council.  Instead of demanding Oakville do something, I allowed them to pass it onto the Province for legislation changes.  Big mistake and as a well known lawyer told me later, my “suggestion of writing the government to get the legislation changed was a classic pass-the-buck scenario”.  He noted I’d have a better chance of a reply from Santa Claus.


Well, he is right.  The provincial government, in its wisdom, did little but pass the buck and make excuses for why changes can’t be made.


The requests that the building inspector and Mattamy Homes be censured/investigated regarding the illegal (code) wiring that was used to allow the closing was passed back to the Town of Oakville, who now refuse to do so.  As well, having the Town of Oakville provide its building inspectors written instructions concerning this type of behaviour was also turned back to the Town of Oakville, which has done nothing to my knowledge.


I requested that homeowners be allowed to hire building inspectors and this be legislated to ensure they could.  Not that it be legislated that they MUST, but that they CAN, similar to those buying a resale.


MPP Jim Watson stated that,”there is nothing that prevents a new home purchaser from retaining a home inspector to monitor the construction of their future home”.  He goes on to state that this would require access to the site and the builder might have liability issues.  Well, that is why house inspectors have insurance themselves.  What about all the other trades including the local telephone company, gas, cable, etc.?  He also pointed out that if this was mandated, homeowners might have concerns regarding costs.  I said the legislation would ALLOW them to do it without being restricted by a builder who doesn’t want the monitoring of your largest investment.  It would be an optional cost; a cost already accepted practice by those buying a resale.  What’s the difference between a resale and a new home – both can be problematic and have construction concerns.  New does not mean perfect.  Ask some Mattamy Home’s owners about that.


He does point out that under the Tarion warranty, you can bring a house inspector with you but hard to check behind the walls at that stage. 


He couldn’t see the objective of having all relevant permits given to the owner at closing.  Well, someone did and I’m glad to see that Tarion is making that an obligation upon closing.


I also recommended that the homeowner be allowed to hold back a portion of the purchase price, similar to that allowed in commercial construction.  He places his faith in the Tarion warranty and, felt that this requirement would only drive up the cost.  I wonder if commercial purchasers have their cost driven up by this requirement? 


A copy of his response was also sent to my local MPP, Kevin Flynn.  I did not get a response from him but that is understandable.  He was on the Town of Oakville council at the time when my matter was passed into oblivion at the provincial level.



  1. Every single time I read one of your articles all I can think is at least this is getting out on the Internet if nothing else.

    When someone in a Mattamy home dies in Oakville for some reason like illegal wiring or illegal natural gas type issues they will find this website and will have an excellent resource to pull from for a court case when they sue the pants off of Mattamy, The Town of Oakville and/or Brampton and folks like Mayor Ann Mulvale.

    I hope that every night when Peter Gilgan and Ann Mulvale try to go to sleep on their mattress stuffed with homeowners money that they think about this each and every night haunted by the fact that one day they might find themselves in court. I hope that there is a possibility of bringing a criminal case against them rather than just a civil one. I’ll be happy to build a nice comfortable jail cell for them except it might have some flaws like an open electrical circuit or some leaking gas!!!

    Comment by Tim A — July 16, 2008 @ 5:10 pm | Reply

  2. Unfortunately, Mattamy Homes and the Town of Oakville are not the only builder-municipality relationship that is designed for profit at the cost of new home purchasers.

    Here in Barrie, Ontario, the same situation persists year after year, with complaints about builder’s failure to follow the Ontario Building Code and the municipality failing to enforce the Code or even inspect the homes, falling on deaf ears — including the ears of the Province of Ontario.

    We need a home purchaser’s revolt — everyone stop buying new homes and new home resale units. It wouldn’t be long before the government would step in and change the legislation, once the economy ground to a halt!

    Comment by Cindy — July 27, 2008 @ 8:26 pm | Reply

  3. Cindy…I agree that it is probably widespread and I think part of the problem is the money the developers/builders spread to the local towns and politicians through various means. I guess the local politicians think that by having the extra jobs and money flowing outways any problem a consumer might have in terms of quality. Too many people don’t really realize how bad some of the quality is, especially if they are the lucky one with a properly built house. Some comments on various forums would think they are paid for by the builder or it is a cult. I know there are good tradespeople out there and they try to build a proper house but, I think they are not a majority. Another good site is:


    Comment by oakvillehomes — July 28, 2008 @ 3:14 pm | Reply

  4. The company itself is not that great in satisfying customers, and I highly question the surveys that were conducted that now give Mattamy the bragging rights of having the highest customer satisfaction. One reason they won’t allow independent home inspectors hired by home-purchasers is because the trades people they hire do shoddy work. Our home has been a nightmare and taken most likely 2 years off all our lives, given the stress we endured. Once the two years are up, the builders wash their hands clean and you move to dealing with another bureaucracy–Tarion.

    Comment by Austin — August 13, 2008 @ 1:46 am | Reply

  5. Austin… totally agree and I think a lot of people don’t understand the stress that one goes through when the builder doesn’t really do the work you contracted them to do. I look at a house inspector as a potential stress reducer (at least for the consumer) and yes, when one does shoddy work, they are very reluctant to let a professional help you in what is usually the largest purchase you’ll ever make. Too bad J.D. Powers doesn’t have a catagory in their awards for the builder who allows house inspectors. Now, that would be quite the survey. Thanks for you comments.

    Comment by oakvillehomes — August 13, 2008 @ 2:25 am | Reply

  6. Interesting forum …I happened on this site quit by accident this morning (no such thing as an accident right?) and I just had to add this, every one of your comments are true. I am a Home Inspector working mostly out of the town of Milton, specializing in New homes and the Tarion Warranty inspections from PDI inspection up to 2nd Year and I have to say this, you have no idea just how bad it it! I am at he point of total frustration with Builders, their arrogance and their complete lack of accountability. My time is limited this morning as such I have to run soon, but I would be very happy to get in touch with the parties involved with this site, I too feel the time has come for some very definite changes in this industry, AND VERY SOON.
    Just to add Mattamy is trying to shut me down as well. They have tried in vain to get me to perform my inspections (PDI especially) in a way that would work in their best interest, the thing is, I have spent over 20 Years in this industry and have worked for several of the so call big name Home Builders in ONT, so I am very in tune with their mine set and mentality. I started this business to assist the New home owners who from my experience are totally in the dark when it comes to their rights and expectations for the largest investment of their lives. My stories are many…

    Comment by Carole — September 10, 2008 @ 4:48 pm | Reply

  7. […] Mattamy Homes Oakville & Lots More Stories – This blog is excellent at uncovering the truth relating to Mattamy Homes.  Lots of pages of […]

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