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July 27, 2010

Mattamy offers cheap way to get indoor pool.


Basement leaks - enough to make a grown man cry, especially if you’ve finished the basement.  That is one reason you wait before you finish your basement in a new house.  Also, the environment in a new construction can be a little damp while the basement drys out.  I know one couple who had the builder finish the basement.  The builder did a nice job but, they had moisture problems for quite some time and required a dehumidifier running 24/7 to keep the old mold from forming.

Now, a visit to a forum showed another concern.  New construction and the wall in a Mattamy home is leaking.

Take a close look at this picture.  Not only is there a long crack but the leak seems to be coming from the tie rod location.  I had the same problem.  Appears that the foundation guys just cut the tie rods and slap a bit of concrete on each end and hope for the best. 

Do these guys not understand “WATER PRESSURE”? 

 Over time, water will work its way through the outside concrete, along the piece of tie rod and then pop the concrete on the other side.  Voila – instant leak. 

My back wall leaked for awhile – hidden by insulation.  I thought it was condensation.  When I cut the insulation to let it dry, I noticed it was localized to this one spot, similar to that in the photo.

I brought in “Omni Basement Systems” and, they took off the old concrete patches and filled the holes with a substance that quickly stopped the leaks.  Much better than the Mattamy foundation guys.

So, if you are under warranty, make sure Mattamy fixes it properly and note - just spreading some concrete is a waste of time.  Yes, a temporary repair to get Mattamy off the hook but, eventually you will have to repair it.  Probably just after you finished the basement.  Also, make sure you note all these leaks on your 30 day and 1 year inspections to ensure there is a record.

If Mattamy or any other builder can stall until after the warranty period and there is no record, you are on the hook for repairs.  And if your basement is finished, these repairs will be costly.



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